"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek." -- Romans 1:16

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H.A. Ironside Books, $19.95 each:
Matthew Mark
Acts 1 Corinthians
Eshesians Colossians
1 & 2 Thessalonians Hebrews
James 1 &2 Peter
Revelation Provebs
Daniel Isaiah
Minor Prophets  
Clarence Larkin Books:
Revelation, $29.95 Daniel, $29.95
Rightly Dividing the Word, $29.95 The Greatest Book on Dispensational Truth, $64.95
Other Books:
Title Author Price
How to Experience Revival Finney $6.95
Freemasonry Harris $6.95
My Utmost For His Highest Chambers $7.95
The Prayer of Faith J.O. Fraser $1.95
Cruden’s Complete Concordace   $18.50
The Bible and Prophecy Perry F. Rockwood $5.95
Foreshadows of the Tabernacle   $3.50
The Holy Trinity Ironside $4.25
Spiritual Secrets Hudson Taylor $8.50
Bible Answer Book R.A. Torrey $6.95
Heaven or Hell R.A. Torrey $6.95
The Pilgrim’s Progress Bunyan $8.99
Foxe’s Book of Martyrs  John Foxe $8.50
The Way to God D.L. Moody $6.95
Autobiography of George Muller   $7.95
How to Study the Bible R.A. Torrey $5.95
The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life H.W. Smith $6.95
Heaven and How to Get There D.L. Moody $6.95
How to Witness to Anyone R.A. Torrey $5.95
Bible Promise Book   $4.95

More Study Booklets

Cremation: Is It Christian?

By James W. Fraser; A Scriptural look at cremation; 16 pages. $2.00 each

The God-Planned Life

Happiness Is Knowing the Will of God and Doing It; by James McConkey; 20 pages. $.40 each.

Modern Cults Examined By the Bible

Jehovah’s Witnesses; Baha’ism; Roman Catholic Pentecostalism; Mormonism; Spiritism; Armstrongism; Jesus Only Heresy. $.40 each.

Romanism and the Bible

10 Reasons Why I Am Not a Roman Catholic; Luther’s 95 Theses; The Word of Rome vs. the Word of God, etc. 28 pages. $2.00 each.

God’s Inspired Preserved Bible

A look at today’s modern versions. 68 pages. $2.50 each.

Life Beyond the Grave

By Pastor Rockwood; The Soul After Death; Is the Soul Conscious After Death?; The White Throne Judgment, etc. 48 pages. $2.50 each.

The Bible and Prophecy

By Pastor Rockwood; Twenty-three chapters looking at the wonderful subject of prophecy in Scripture. 94 pages. $5.95 each.

Triumph in God

The Life Story of Pastor Perry F. Rockwood; 57 pages. $1.50 each.

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