"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek." -- Romans 1:16

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Books listed below, with contents. You can print a PDF order form here first and keep track of the books you would like to order as you browse the online listings. See the PGH Book Room page on how to order.

Abide in Christ

Thirty-one heart-searching readings to daily bring you into closer communion and fellowship with the Son of God. By Andrew Murray. $6.95.

An Exciting New Life

This book is your guide to the basics of being God’s child. 52 simple Bible studies for the new believer, or an encouragement for those more mature in the faith By Andrew Murray. 255 pages. $5.95.

God’s Will: Our Dwelling Place

If you want to find strength with rest, joy with fruitfulness, and peace with provision, there is only one place for you to be: in the very center of God’s will. By Andrew Murray. 168 pages. $5.95.

How to Work for God

Are you searching for that special ministry that God has called you to? Andrew Murray explains and guides you through the best ways to do the Lord’s work. 143 pages. $5.95.

Like Christ

Through this compelling classic, every Christian can learn how to allow the beauty of Christ’s image to shine through him to the world. 240 pages. $5.95.

The Deeper Christian Life

By Andrew Murray. How to walk in the high level of God’s promises and reap the abundant life He has for us. 112 pages. $5.95.

The Joy of Being Forgiven

Andrew Murray’s in-depth study explains the wonderful effects of being forgiven. 190 pages. $6.95.

Absolute Surrender

Chapters include: Impossible With Man & Possible With God, Peter’s Repentance, Kept by the Power of God, etc., by Andrew Murray. 139 pages. $6.95.

Covenants and Blessings

This acclaimed book explains both the Old and New Covenants and shares how living in covenant with God brings showers of blessings to all involved. By Andrew Murray. 173 pages. $5.95.

How to Bring Your Children to Christ

A practical guidebook to parenting. Build your family in the Lord; Direct your children’s steps; Trust in God for the needs of your family, etc. By Andrew Murray. 312 pages. $6.95.


By Andrew Murray. Chapters include: Humility, The Glory of the Creature, in the Teachings of Jesus, In Daily Life, etc. 106 pages. $5.95.

The Blessings of Obedience

God desires our devotion so He can lead us into the wonderful riches and glory in store for us. Andrew Murray reveals how to receive the blessings of obedience. 107 pages. $5.95.

The Inner Life

Your outer life – the part that everyone sees – is a direct reflection of your inner life – the part that God sees. This powerful message reveals the key to a Christlike life. 153 pages. $5.95.

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