"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek." -- Romans 1:16

General Prayer Requests for Missionaries

Evangelist Alan Moravek

A voice from another missionary/evangelist as to some general prayer requests for prayer warriors and those who are prayer supporters. These aren’t new and you may already pray many of these in the list, but here are requests that we and others have need of and needs we have observed over the years serving our Master. May this “list” be helpful to each one and may The Lord bless each one abundantly who indeed keep missionaries, evangelists, pastors, preachers, teachers and anyone who is in what we call “full-time” service for God in prayer.

  1. May they not lose sight of or be sidetracked from the ministry God has put them in.
  2. May they make all the necessary adjustments on their field of service.
  3. Give to those who are speaking another language or learning another language understanding and may they speak it, read it, and write it fluently to communicate the Gospel the best.
  4. May there be an honesty in the ministry and reporting about their ministry.*
  5. May The Lord raise up more faithful prayer and financial supporters.
  6. May The Lord raise up surrendered, able, willing and godly people that He may put into the harvest fields from these ministries.
  7. POWER ~ ~
    May God’s hand of power be upon their ministry.
    May God send forth His Word with glory, power and clarity that each listener will receive it as God would have them to.
    May there be more fruit borne for The Lord, in souls being saved, Christians being helped, blessed, encouraged, challenged, chastened, convicted, surrendered to live for the Lord and being willing to serve The Lord as He wills.
    May God protect from Satan and his attacks, all danger seen and unseen, insects, animals and the weather, unreasonable and wicked men, those from the militaries, media, governments, public and social offices, religious groups, computer hackers, and identity thieves.
    May God grant traveling mercies.
  9. PROVISION ~ ~
    May God provide the needed support and bless each present supporter and meet their needs.
    May God provide the material items needed for the ministry and for them personally.
  10. May they grow to love God more, live by faith and trust The Lord, have wisdom, understanding, guidance
    and discernment needed.
  11. May they always be surrendered and yielded to God’s will and filled and controlled by His Holy Spirit.
  12. May God bless them that they will be a blessing to others.
  13. May The Lord enlarge their coasts, according to His will, and put them where they can best be used by The Lord and for The Lord.
  14. May all of God’s perfect will be accomplished in them, through them and in their ministry.

* Note about #4. Some may wonder about the honest part. We have known some missionaries that lie about their reports as to how many “they got saved,” (God does the saving. We just do the presenting and leave the work to Him), how the church is growing, how many tracts were given out, etc. We also have known, from the past, a mission board who required their missionaries to report such things or they would drop them. Some of the missionaries had hard fields and couldn’t come up with the “requirement,” so felt forced to make up totals. They would have had a hard time with William Carey who was on his field for 7 years before he had even 1 convert!