"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek." -- Romans 1:16

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Walking with the Saviour

More Articles for Christian Young People giving a Biblical perspective on the current issues facing teens and twenties today

Meet for the Master’s Use

30 Brief Devotional Readings from various Christian missionaries, preachers, and writers

Believers and Television

The Present Condition; Spiritual Discernment; Some Principles; TV’s Influence; Practical Conclusions

Conquering Life’s Problems

How to Overcome Worry; Tensions and Temper; A Defeated Christian Life; Marriage Problems

God’s Way of Life

The Beginning; The Walk of Faith; The Life of Fellowship; The Life of Separation

Great Hymns and Their Stories

A compliation of sixteen hymn stories: What a Friend; I Must Tell Jesus; I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go; The Ninety and Nine, etc.

How to Have a Happy Home

A Happy Home Recipe; The Wife’s Place in the Home; The Husband and the Home; Some Practical Helps

How to Live the Victorious Christian Life

Under or Above Circumstances; Victory on the Inside; Our Three Enemies; The Life of Faith

Poems to Comfort and Cheer

A Compilation of Poems: I Could Not Do Without Thee; Never Alone; He Knows; He Careth For You; Pray It Through, Go On!, etc.

Precious Promises Proven

The personal testimony of Pastor Perry F. Rockwood; a brief narrative spanning from his salvation in 1936 up to the present-day ministry.

Redeeming the Time

Scrapbook of Poems and Articles : In a Moment; What Does ‘Come Again’ Mean?; We Wait For Thee; Today? Perhaps!, etc.

Songs and Choruses For Boys and Girls

Words and Music of 34 Songs: Dare to Be a Daniel; You Will Outshine the Sun; All Through the Week, etc. Great for Home or Sunday School.

Strength For Today

Scrapbook of Poems, Articles and Stories: Don’t Quit; Parable of the Pennies; A Missionary’s Appeal; Cries From the Cross, etc.

The Story & Hymns of Fanny Crosby

Words and Music of fourteen of the blind hymnwriter’s most beloved songs.

What Is Faith?

Articles and Examples of Faith in Action: D.L. Moody; Charles H. Spurgeon; Arthur Finlayson; Alexander MacLaren; George Mueller

A Life Worth Living

Articles for Christian Young People giving a Biblical perspective on the current issues facing teens and twenties today

The Believer’s Hope For Today

Jesus Is Coming; Prophecy’s Central Figure; Will the Church Go Through the Great Tribulation?; The Lord’s Return and You

The Blessed Hope Scrapbook

Scriptures, Poems, Stories and Articles with the great theme of our Blessed Hope: the return of Jesus Christ.

Favorite Radio Hymns

Words and Music to Classic Gospel Hymns: Glory to His Name; He Leadeth me; It Is Well With My Soul; Rock of Ages, The Old-Fashioned Meeting, etc.

Gospel Standard Memories

Scrapbook of Articles: God’s Mathematics; Mueller’s 57 Years of Praying; The Marks of a Christian; Prayer Power; Giving Cheerfully, etc.

How to Be a Happy Christian

The Beginning of It All; How to Know You Are Saved; Living the Life; Some Helps Along the Way

How to Live For Christ

The Journey Begins; The Believer’s Food; The Believer’s Talk and Walk; Fellowship and Service

The Just Shall Live By Faith

What Is Faith?; Faith Realized; Abraham’s Faith; Sarah’s Faith

More Than Conquerors

Victory Over the World; Victory Over the Flesh; Victory Over the Devil; Victory Over Things

Principles of Biblical Evangelism

By Timothy Pietsch, Missionary in Japan; It Is Always Right to Preach the Gospel; Always Wrong To Be Neutral, etc.

So Stand

The Fool Says There Is No God; False Prophets; New Evangelicalism; The King James Version

Stories of Favorite Hymns

Another Collection of Hymn Stories: Blest Be the Tie; I Gave My Life For Thee; Some Time We’ll Understand; Trust and Obey, etc.

Stories For Boys and Girls

A collection of stories, great for home or Sunday School. The Lamb; Prince Frederick; Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out, etc.

Treasures For Today

Scrapbook of Articles: Treasures by J. Wilbur Chapman; The Watermelon by William Jennings Bryan; Pause and Pray, etc

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