"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek." -- Romans 1:16

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Bible Study Booklets (Page 1)

Angels and Demons

Their Existence; Demons & Their Origin; How Demonism Works Today; Victory

Bible Numbers

The study of Bible Numbers is a very interesting subject. Numbers reveal wonderful truths to help us in our Christian life.

Bible Study Helps

Understanding the Bible; One Theme; Law and Grace; Great Bible Event

The Coming Antichrist

Setting the Stage; The Ministry of Antichrist; The Spirit of Antichrist Today; The Great Tribulation

Countdown to Armageddon

The Stage Is Set; The Times of the Gentiles; Armageddon; Approaching Armageddon

The Days of Noah Are Here

Noah’s Walk With God; Before the Flood; The Flood and God’s Provision; Noah’s Day Today

Egypt in Prophecy

Egypt in the Past; Fulfilled Prophecies Concerning Egypt; Egypt and Antichrist; Who Owns Palestine?

The End of the World

God’s Present Program; The Stage Is Set; Three Worlds; The Battle of Armageddon

Radio Bible Study: Exodus No. 2

Moses, a Type of Christ; Orders From God; The Conflict; The First Compromise

Four Things Out of Place

The Jew, The Christian, The Devil, The Sinner

Genesis: The Beginning Of It Al

Its Importance; Evolution and the Bible; Light and Darkness; The Creation of Man

God’s Plan of the Ages

A Dispensational Study: Innocence, Conscience, Human Government, Promise, Law, Grace and Kingdom

If A Man Die Shall He Live Again?

Death Is Real; Man a Trinity; The Resurrection and the Believer’s Final Abode; The Place Called Hell

Is Jesus Christ Really Coming Again?

Why Study Prophecy?; The Believer’s Hope; The Hope Fulfilled; The Certainty of His Return

The Judgment Seat of Christ

Salvation and Works; Salvation and Rewards; The Reward Seat; Crowns and Rewards

Life After Death

What Saith the Scriptures?; What Happens at Death; The Resurrection of Jesus Christ; Christ’s Resurrection – Our Hope

The Living Word of God

Quick and Powerful; The Books and the Book; The Bible Is Unique; How to Interpret the Bible

The Middle East in Prophecy

Four World Powers on the Horizon; Why Do the Nations Rage?; Russia’s Coming Invasion of the Middle East; A Nation For God

Outside the Camp With Jesus

Fellowship With Christ; The Bible Teaches Separation; Plain Principles

Babylon the Great and Antichrist

The Revived Roman Empire; Babylon the Great; Babylon and the Church Contrasted; The Great Tribulation

The Bible and Prophecy

The Church Is Waiting; Will the Church Go Through the Tribulation?; The Great Tribulation; Prophetic Types

The Book of Ruth

The Story of Redemption, Rest and Riches

Contending For the Faith (Jude)

Studies in Jude: The Setting; God’s Judgment; Dreamers and Spots; Practical Exhortation

The Day of Pentecost: What Really Happened?

The Promise and Fulfillment; The Preparation; Tongues or Languages; This Is That

Discovering the Bible

Knowing the Bible; Some Guiding Principles; Great Themes; How to Interpret the Bible

Election and Free Will

The Case Stated; God’s Choice and Election; The Main Issue; What the Bible Teaches

Radio Bible Study: Exodus No. 1

A Picture of Bondage; Deliverance From Above; The Burning Bush; The Excuses of Moses

Foundations of the Faith

76 Questions answered by Scripture; Was Jesus Truly God?; Why Are Believers Baptized?; What Is the New Jerusalm Like?, etc

Future Events in the Air

Conquests of the Air; Conflict in the Air; War in the Air; New Heavens and Earth

God’s Plan For the Jew

God Calls a Nation; Who Owns Palestine?; Israel Rejected; Our Responsibility to the Jew

The Holy Spirit in the World Today

The Person of the Holy Spirit; The Promise of the Holy Spirit; The Holy Spirit and the New Birth; The Holy Spirit and the Believer

Is Hell Real?

Hell in Today’s World; What the Bible Teaches; A Picture of Hell; Hell and the Lake of Fire

Jonah and the Whale

Jonah’s Rebellion; Jonah Prays; Jonah Preaches; Jonah’s Anger

Law or Grace

Law Is Not Grace; Why the Law?; No Salvation in the Law; Not Doing But Done

Life and Death

Sheol and Hades; Paradise; The New Jerusalem; Immortality

The Lord’s Coming: Our Hope

That Blessed Hope; The Basis Of Our Hope; The Hope Fulfilled; The Blessed Hope and You

One More Night With the Frogs

A Promise Kept; The Place of Bondage; A Person Called; A Perpetual Choice

The Preacher Who Ran Away From God

The Preacher’s Fate; Preacher Overboard; The Preacher’s Message; The Preacher’s Gourd

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