"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek." -- Romans 1:16

A Soul Winner’s Qualifications

The qualifications necessary to make one a “soul winner” are neither numerous nor difficult. They may be easily possessed by any true Christian, no matter how humble in situation or how limited in social or intellectual attainments.

In a sentence, these qualifications are simply these: A heart cleansed and filled with the Holy Spirit, and an outward life that is entirely consistent and through which flows the convicting and drawing power of the Spirit. And the two things, which above all others will produce these qualifications are: the daily feeding upon God’s Word, and a life or prayer.

To put it another way, the soul winner’s qualifications are:

  1. a personal assurance of salvation, for that will enable him or her to speak to others with assurance;
  2. a clean heart and life, through the blood of Jesus, for that will enable him to speak with conviction and power;
  3. some knowledge of the Word of God, which is the sword of the Spirit;
  4. access to God in prayer.

Then go to work, as the Holy Spirit leads.

Don’t wait! A poor stammering Christian, with Christ in his heart, is of infinitely greater service to God, no matter how many blunders he makes, than the greatest pulpit orator that ever lived, without Christ.

In the actual work of witnessing, it is well to keep in mind:

To be constantly in the spirit of prayer.

Approach the unsaved on common ground.

Use godly tact and wisdom.

Never argue or lose self-control

Answer objections with Scripture if possible.

Avoid majoring on minor points and differences.

Don’t try to force your own views.

With love in your heart, give the Word, and the Holy Spirit, the full right-of-way.

Be in earnest. The salvation of an immortal soul is at stake. Those who were intimiately acquainted with D.L. Moody say that he was the most desperately earnest man they ever knew. Remember that you may never have an opportunity to deal again with the one with whom you are now dealing; and, moreover, tomorrow may be for him too late.

Be constantly watching for God to open doors of opportunity – anytime, anywhere. A lady whom we know as a soul winner says that she is always on the lookout, when in conversation with an unsaved person, for any words that person may say which may be seized upon as a starting point for a heart-to-heart talk, for she has almost invariably found that when that word is spoken, it is the door of opportunity which God has opened, and which He bids her enter.